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From traditional pen and ink to vector art, I can bring your ideas to life. 


The process behind creating an illustration is the same as developing a logo. Once a thumbnail sketch is selected to establish a direction and composition, I'll get to work fleshing out the details. While the image takes shape, you'll be kept informed via email to make sure it develops the way you want.


Nothing brings a picture to life like color. I work in a variety of media. From graphite and ink to watercolor and digital, I strive to give you the best visual to compliment your project's words.

Graphic Novels

Being able to draw is only part of the equation to a compelling graphic novel. Knowing how to lay out a page for clear, dynamic storytelling is a major piece of the puzzle that not many illustrators possess. If you're an author or filmmaker who wants their idea transformed, I can take your story to the next level and bring it to life visually.

Graphic novels
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