B/W Low Detail Storyboards

KISS: Keep It Simple Silly. That's exactly what this level is about. Simple line art with minimal shading. Great for speed and getting the point across when you're on a budget or tight schedule. Ideal for animation and working on site.

"Genghis Grill: Lunch Time" (2009)
B/W High Detail Storyboards

This is by far the most popular and requested style. The boards remain clear and easy to understand while filling in precious details like lighting conditions, costumes, and even actor expressions. *due to copyright constraints perfect likenesses of actors cannot be created without their permission.

Color Low Detail Storyboards

This option is for when color plays an important part in the production, or when the client wants something slightly more finished looking than a b/w image.

Color High Detail Storyboards

This option is ideal for high budgets, or when you want to sell your idea to potential investors. It covers all the bases regarding detail, and color helps breathe life into the images.

"Wendy's Summer Berry Salad" (2016)
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